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Improvement of public spaces

Modern public spaces are what will help cities win the battle for human capital. The world is changing, and a city needs to change with it: the more attractive it is for people's lives, the higher its economic and social potential.
Realized projects
Orenburg - embankment of the Ural river New slopes to the beach were equipped, observation platforms were organized with the help of decks. We made a sports area, areas for food courts, fairs and city events.
Realized projects
Belgorod - Vezelka river embankment The project has connected natural spaces with the city embankment. Now concerts, festivals and fairs are held here. In winter, skating rinks and ice slides open, heated pavilions work. The dam has become a popular walking place for the townspeople.
Realized projects
Kemerovo - Stroiteley Boulevard Zones of calm and active recreation, sports and playgrounds have been created. We have equipped new pedestrian crossings, bicycle infrastructure, and installed new outdoor furniture. The centre of the activity was the summer stage for open film screenings and performances.
Realized projects
Grozny - park named after Hussein Ben Talal The equipment was updated, pedestrian zones were expanded, and useful content was added. We made zones for quiet active recreation, infrastructure for public events. An artificial reservoir has become the centre of attraction for the park.
Realized projects
Novosibirsk - Mikhailovskaya embankment A quiet zone for a peaceful rest by the river and an active zone for holding city holidays and festivals have been organized. The pedestrian zones have been reorganized, sports and playgrounds, a cafe, an eco-trail and a bicycle route, a chamber area with a dance floor and a large stage with a zone for public events have appeared.

About the project

The goal of the public space improvement program is to create a comfortable environment in Russian cities - so that it is clean, beautiful and comfortable in the city centre and sleeping areas.

The transformation of squares, parks, embankments, central streets will improve the transport situation in cities, increase safety, and contribute to the development of the service sector - street trading, catering, tourism, new businesses. In such cities, one wants to live, work, study and rest. They will become places of attraction for young professionals who create the future of the country.

47 cities
will be updated as part of the public space improvement program

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Since 2016, the Ministry of Construction, DOM.RF and Strelka KB have been implementing the priority project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” - the renewal of public spaces in 47 cities of Russia. The renewed territories will become an example of transformations in other cities.

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Why develop cities?

Many Russian cities developed according to Soviet standards, which prioritized production rather than people. In a modern post-industrial society, the basis of the economy has become not production, but people - human capital.

A person who is not tied to a plant or a factory chooses where to live. According to sociologists, in 2001-2010, almost 2 million Russians moved to Moscow from the regions - much more than to other Russian cities. Residents of the areas travel to the capital of Europe for cultural experience and quality of life. They choose a safe, comfortable and varied environment. Therefore, public spaces are becoming the main "currency" of cities in the struggle for promising specialists.

92 architectural
from all over Russia take part in the development of projects

The economy of the 21st century is an economy of knowledge, services and technology, which is impossible without a city dweller. And public spaces provide communication and exchange between residents and affect the quality of the urban environment.

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