Rental housing

        DOM.RF is engaged in developing a mature modern rental housing market in Russia. Rental housing can be an alternative to long-term savings for the purchase of housing, enabling individuals to quickly move into a flat that meets modern requirements. This focus area will also serve to show the economic feasibility of investing in the construction of rental housing and apartments to potential investors. Going forward, it will help to scale up the development of the rental housing market by rolling out similar projects across the country.


        In May 2016, following the State Council meeting, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, instructed the Government, regional executive authorities and DOM.RF “to pilot residential construction projects, including those funded by private investments”.


        At its meeting held on 19 October, the Praesidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects approved the passport of the Mortgage and Rental Housing priority project. The project will be implemented from November 2016 to December 2020.

        Closed-end investment fund (CEF)

        To carry out the instruction, DOM.RF set up Kutuzovsky, a closed-end real estate investment fund designed to attract investments in rental housing. This is the first CEF in Russia with a portfolio composed of residential real estate. At the time of its inception in December 2016, the value of its assets totalled RUB 15.6 bn. The fund aims not only to develop a mature rental housing market in Russia, but also to create a new financial product. CEF shares started to trade in May 2017 on the Moscow Exchange.

        Raising collective investment is an effective international tool to develop the rental housing market. In the US, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) have been used to raise collective investment in real estate, including rental housing, since the 1960s.


        In 2016–2017, the fund added apartments in the Liner Multifunctional Complex on Khodynsky Boulevard, Match Point in the vicinity of Kutuzovsky Avenue, and the Symvol Residential Complex on Zolotorozhsky Val Street to its portfolio. The total area for rent is 83,000 sq m.


        Moscow, 2 Khodynsky Boulevard
        280 apartments
        50 parking slots


        Moscow, 13 Vasilisa Kozhina Street
        797 apartments
        800 parking slots


        Moscow, 11s46 Zolotorozhsky Val Street
        378 apartments
        252 parking slots

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