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Russia unveils its Unified Information System for Housing Construction

Russia unveils its Unified Information System for Housing Construction

On 1 January 2018, Russia launched its Unified Information System for Housing Construction. Its website can be accessed at наш.дом.рф. The System is operated by AHML, the nation’s integrated housing development institution.

The information platform is available for individuals, construction and development organisations, regulatory bodies, government agencies, and professional participants of the housing market.

The Unified Information System for Housing Construction will serve to ensure the complete transparency of shared-equity construction projects for individuals and the entire housing sector. It is intended as an integrated platform with the latest and most accurate housing sector information that presents an overall country-wide view and breakdowns by regions and individual properties under construction. The data providers include the Federal Service for State Registration, the Bank of Russia, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), the Housing and Utilities Complex Reform Foundation, regional executive government bodies and government-run organisations, and the Fund for Protection of Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared-Equity Construction.

The System will feature analysis of the housing development potential, data on development density and land plot allocation, up-to-date information on activity in the housing construction market, estimates of future housing supplies, data on the evolution of the developers’ financial position, housing stock numbers, the purported use of such housing stock and amenities provided thereunder. In addition, it will offer consolidated information on the share of vacant properties, sales numbers, and price indices. The platform also contains a dedicated mortgage section showing the share of mortgage deals, the number of mortgage borrowers, mortgage lending terms and conditions, and information on lenders.

Developers and regulatory bodies can set up their own user accounts in the Unified Information System. For example, the developers can use them to post project statements, information about properties under construction, or other documents as required by the applicable law. The developers also have an opportunity to obtain the latest data on their nominal accounts with the Fund for Protection of Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared-Equity Construction and request account statements with a breakdown of transactions made in any given period of time.

Regulatory bodies can use their accounts to view project statements, learn more about developers or properties under construction, or post the necessary documents.

As many as 425 developers have created personal user accounts in the System so far.

The Unified Information System for Housing Construction has been established on the instruction of Igor Shuvalov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and pursuant to Federal Law No. 218-FZ On the Public Company Protecting the Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared-Equity Construction in the Event of Insolvency (Bankruptcy) of Developers and On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation dated 29 July 2017.