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DOM.RF ranks fifth in terms of loans issued in July and 7M 2018

DOM.RF ranks fifth in terms of loans issued in July and 7M 2018

In the seven months of 2018, 15 top mortgage lenders issued some RUB 1.6 bn worth of loans, up 72% y-o-y according to DOM.RF and Frank RG.

Sberbank, the largest player, saw its annualised market share increase by 0.8 pp to 49.6% in January-July 2018. VTB’s share over the seven-month period stood at 17.6%.
DOM.RF together with Rossiysky Capital, its subsidiary bank, ranked fifth in terms of loans issued in January-July 2018, having moved up two places. Over the same period, DOM.RF’s market share grew by 0.9 pp y-o-y to 2.6%, and it came third in terms of mortgage portfolio.

Market concentration remained flat, with the top five lenders accounting for 80%. Over the course of January-July 2018, weighted average mortgage rates in the primary and secondary markets declined by 0.6 pp (to 8.9%) and 0.3 pp (to 9.1%), respectively.

Gazprombank and Russian Agricultural Bank boosted their shares by 2.1 pp and 1.8 pp, respectively. In 7M 2018, the two banks enjoyed the highest mortgage portfolio growth, gaining 20.1% and 23.7%.

Foreign banks (Raiffeisenbank and DeltaCredit) went down the ranking to sixth and seventh spots, respectively, as their market shares declined by 1.0 pp and 0.5 pp.
Having jumped 35 places, Alfa-Bank became the fastest growing lender of 7M 2018 in relative terms due to the low base effect. However, the volume of the bank’s mortgage portfolio was insufficient for it to be counted among the 15 largest lenders.