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DOM.RF – Integrated Housing Development Institution

DOM.RF – Integrated Housing Development Institution

AHML has changed its corporate name to DOM.RF based on the resolution dated 2 March 2018 by the company’s sole shareholder — the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo).

All of the DOM.RF subsidiaries, including Bank Rossiysky Capital, will be renamed and integrated into the single brand once all the required procedures are completed in 1H 2018.

AHML started using DOM.RF as its logo and official website domain a year ago. As the scope of AHML’s mandate and responsibility broadened and before the transfer of 100% of Rossiysky Capital’s shares to the Agency, the Supervisory Council recommended on 30 November 2017 that the shareholder pass the resolution on renaming AHML to DOM.RF.

For reference:
Full corporate name in Russian: Акционерное общество «ДОМ.РФ»
Short corporate name in Russian: АО «ДОМ.РФ»
Full corporate name in English: Joint-stock company DOM.RF Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Short corporate name in English: JSC DOM.RF