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DOM.RF donated land to Yekaterinburg for housing construction for multi-member families

DOM.RF donated land to Yekaterinburg for housing construction for multi-member families

DOM.RF donated a land plot in Yekaterinburg with an area of ​​1.17 hectares to the Novator housing and building cooperative (HBC) for the construction of a multi-apartment building.

The site is located on Cosmonaut Street. Shareholders of the co-operative society are citizens who have three or more children, as well as employees of budgetary organizations and institutions in the sphere of education, health and culture. As part of the project, a multi-storey monolithic frame house for 216 apartments will be built. The house is planned to be commissioned before the third quarter of 2022.

The format of the housing and communal services at the expense of a given land plot and the minimization of development costs will allow citizens to obtain housing at a price of up to 50,000 rubles per square meter. m., which is less than the market value of about 40%.

Housing cooperatives are an effective and successful way to improve the living conditions of citizens. In Yekaterinburg In 2016, HBC «Alliance» was put into operation 112-apartment house. Today, within the framework of the implementation of the projects of HBC «Our Home» and «Health» under construction are 2 multi-apartment houses with a total number of apartments of 495. These HBCs also include doctors, teachers and large families.

DOM.RF transfers to the gratuitous use of the housing and communal services the land plots in federal ownership for the construction of apartment buildings, houses of the blocked building, objects of individual housing construction, engineering infrastructure facilities. Thus, the money resources of citizens — members of the cooperative — go only to pay for the costs associated with construction. Taking into account the current prices for the purchase or lease of a land plot, this makes it possible to save considerably, which means ensuring a reduction in the final cost of housing for citizens. In turn, independent control over the costs of design work and the progress of construction allows participants in the cooperative to avoid unreasonable costs.