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DOM.RF and the «Russian Capital» bank closed the first deals to electronic mortgage bonds issue

DOM.RF and the «Russian Capital» bank closed the first deals to electronic mortgage bonds issue

DOM.RF and the bank «Russian Capital» (100% owned by DOM.RF) conducted the first transactions with the registration of electronic bills, their registration in Rosreestr and transfer to storage and accounting in the depository.

Bank «Russian Capital» has issued loans with the release of electronic bonds in the framework of the program «Buying an apartment during the construction phase.» One deal was registered in Moscow with the developer of the GK «A101», the other — in Tyumen with the developer «Meridian Construction Tyumen.» At the same time, according to one of the transactions, the developer and the buyer were territorially located in different cities — the borrower was in Moscow and bought an apartment in a new building in Tyumen. Mortgages in electronic form were sent to Rosreestr, and after registration of the mortgage were transferred to the depository of the bank «Russian Capital» through the system of interagency electronic interaction.

In the context of the development of electronic mortgage registration, the introduction of an electronic mortgage in the future will allow borrowers and employees of creditors to completely stop visiting multifunctional centers (state registration authorities) for filing for registration and obtaining registered documents when citizens purchase housing through a mortgage or when borrowers refinance their loans.

«The introduction of an electronic mortgage creates an opportunity for creditors to make the process of mortgage lending fully electronic, from applying for a loan, to buying a home and supporting a loan. The transition to work with electronic bonds will allow the bank to increase the productivity of employees by reducing the time for cooperation with state registration authorities, reducing operating costs for the recording and storage of mortgages, and excluding the costs of the bank and partners to receive mortgages from Rosreestr and subsequent transportation to their place storage», commented the chairman of the board of the bank «Russian Capital» Artem Fedorko.

«Rosreestr develops electronic interaction with credit organizations in order to reduce the time for mortgage registration and increase the security of real estate transactions. The possibility of issuing an electronic mortgage in mortgage transactions is another step towards the formation of a digital economy», commented the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Head of Rosreestra Victoria Abramchenko.

According to DOM.RF, the introduction of digital technologies in the process of mortgage lending will allow reducing the time for Russian families to purchase housing using a mortgage loan from several weeks to 1–3 days and, on the whole, creates the conditions for the possibility of reducing the mortgage rate by 0.1 -0.3 percentage points, which will save the Russian family about 22–65 thousand rubles. for a period of a mortgage loan of 15 years (for an average mortgage loan of 2 million rubles for the purchase of an apartment worth about 2.7 million rubles).

Also DOM.RF together with the Association «Fintech», the Bank of Russia, Rosreestr, Sberbank participate in the development of the project «Accounting for electronic mortgages», which provides for the recording and storage of electronic mortgages in a decentralized depositary system using blockchain technology.