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In May 2016, the President of Russia instructed the Government, together with the regional executive authorities and DOM.RF, “to ensure the implementation of pilot projects for the construction of housing, including apartments for commercial rent, including with the attraction of private investment.

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Room to grow

Almost 10% of families live in rental housing in Russia. The volume of rental housing is estimated at 239 million square meters or 6% of the housing stock. In Western countries, this share is 30-40% of the housing stock, and in large cities like New York and Berlin, it reaches 80%.
% Russia
% Europe
% Крупные западные города
6 million families in Russia rent apartments
24.3 million families in Russia want to improve their living conditions:
5,6 million
are ready to rent an apartment
5 million
of them are considering renting as a long-term solution to the housing issue

We create standards

DOM.RF is engaged in the development of a civilized rental market, creating pilot projects - these are houses with excellent transport accessibility and developed infrastructure, where apartments are offered with high-quality finishing, furniture, and household appliances.
Guidelines for the creation of modern rental houses are aimed at forming the correct approach to the design, construction, and subsequent operation of such a segment of real estate.
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Program development

The total volume of the lease fund of DOM.RF in Moscow is more than 210 thousand sq. M. The plans are to develop the program in the regions. Two corporate lease projects are already being implemented: Zvezda in Bolshoy Kamen and Sibur in Tobolsk.
  • Большой
  • Волгоград
  • Воронеж
  • Екатеринбург
  • Казань
  • Красноярск
  • Москва
  • Нижний Новгород
  • Новосибирск
  • Омск
  • Пермь
  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Самара
  • Санкт-Петербург
  • Тобольск
  • Уфа
  • Челябинск

Financing projects

We implement projects of modern rental housing designed for individuals, as well as for company employees. For more information on financing terms and project requirements, please download our presentation.

Detailed information on financing conditions and project requirements
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In July 2017, a pilot project of the program was launched - the first modern rental house in Russia "Liner" on Khodynskoye Pole in Moscow.
Offer of apartments
In the "Liner" rental house, you can rent studios, two-room and three-room apartments ranging from 25 to 84 sq. meters
Apartment equipment
Apartments "Liner" are fully equipped with furniture and large household appliances: refrigerator, hob, extractor hood, dishwasher and washing machines, air conditioners, TV, high-speed WiFi
Rent price
From 48 900 rubles per month depending on the apartment area. Additional charges: electricity (over the counter), water (over the counter), heating and internet.
Online payments
Rent, utilities, additional services are paid through the resident's personal account or the DOM.RF application

Program objects

Rental houses with excellent transport accessibility and infrastructure: a large selection of apartments and layouts, modern finishes, furniture, and household appliances.

Detailed information on the website аренда.дом.рф


Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, 2
280 apartments 50 car places
от 52 300 from rub / month


Moscow,. Enthusiasts highway, 3, building 1
378 flats 252 car places
от 52 300 from rub / month

Park of Legends

Moscow, st. Avtozavodskaya, ow. 23, bldg. 6
338 flats 126 car places
от 53 400 from rub / month

Match Point

Moscow, st. Vasilisa Kozhina, 13
797 apartments 800 car places
от 54 800 from rub / month

October field

Moscow, NWAA, st. Berzarina, ow. 30, bldg. 2
147 flats 55 car places
от 43 400 from rub / month

Октябрьское поле. Юг

Москва, ул. Берзарина, д. 30А
193 flats 70 car places
от 50 200 from rub / month


Voronezh, st. January 9, 68/2 building 8
165 flats 40 car places
от 15 700 from rub / month

Serdze Stolizy

Moscow, Shelepikhinskaya emb., vl. 34, building 7
184 flats 168 car places
от from rub / month

Yuzhnyye kvartaly

Yekaterinburg, st. Shaumyan, 26
300 flats 58 car places
от from rub / month

Mutual fund

To attract private investment in rental housing, DOM.RF uses a DOM.RF closed-end real estate investment fund (CEF). It is the first closed-end mutual fund in Russia, whose portfolio consists of real estate in the residential sector. In May 2017, trading in shares began on the Moscow Exchange.
The goal of the fund is to develop a civilized rental housing market in Russia and form a new financial product. It will allow investors to receive current income and protect investments from inflation. Participatory interests of "DOM.RF" are low-risk investments with quarterly income from renting out apartments and apartments for rent and long-term growth in the value of the unit due to effective portfolio management and real estate value growth.