Land auctions

        High construction rates is the key metric of the housing market. By 2020, commissioned housing should hit 100 million sq m annually.

        One of the key prerequisites for reaching this target is to involve land plots owned by the federal government and used in cities inefficiently, in housing construction.

        Among the instruments to exercise this option is Federal Law No. 161-FZ On Facilitating the Development of Housing Construction dated 24 July 2008, which authorises DOM.RF Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation to act as the agent of the Russian Federation in involving and using land plots and other real property owned by the federal government and unused by the proprietor.

        To carry out the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation No. Pr-1138GS issued on 11 June 2016 following the meeting of the State Council, DOM.RF has adopted a new target principle for land plot selection, i.e. using plots located within the administrative centres of the Russian constituent entities, with due regard to urban planning and investment analysis, review of engineering support, assessment of demand and the preparation of suitable territories for housing and other construction.

        In addition, one of DOM.RF top priorities is to implement social projects such as:

           providing housing to certain categories of individuals (providing land plots to building and housing cooperatives free of charge);

           assigning the powers of the Russian Federation to manage and use land plots to regional authorities for the construction of transport, engineering and social infrastructure;

           assigning the powers of the Russian Federation to manage and use land plots to regional authorities, which are to further allocate land plots to households with three or more children for individual housing construction.

        By now, 1,160 residential buildings (105,000 apartments) with a total area of over 7.3 million sq m have been commissioned on the land plots provided to DOM.RF for housing construction.

        The benefits we offer:

           a large selection of unencumbered land plots of all sizes throughout Russia;

           land plots are offered for sale or rental with a significant discount to the market price;

           we carefully supervise all land plot identification and registration procedures;

           an option to acquire land plots that are ready for construction (including the availability of utilities);

           an option to acquire certain land plots free of charge as per the applicable Russian law.

        Land plot selection

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