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Joint Stock Company "DOM.RF" (JSC "DOM.RF") was established in 1997 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. 100% of shares of JSC DOM.RF are owned by the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo).

The register of registered securities of JSC DOM.RF is maintained by a registrar holding a license provided by law.
Full name of the registrar
Joint Stock Company "Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T." (JSC "NRC - R.O.S.T.") (hereinafter - the Registrar)
Date of the decision to approve the Registrar
The decision was made by the Supervisory Board of OJSC «AHML» on 06/18/2014 (protocol of 06/23/2014 No. 1/15, posted on the Interdepartmental Portal for State Property Management)
Date of termination of the contract for the maintenance of the register concluded with the previous registrar
Prior to the conclusion of the agreement with the Registrar, the Issuer maintained the register of registered securities holders independently
Date of conclusion of the contract for maintaining the register with the Registrar
04 September 2014
Date from which the Registrar started keeping the register
September 05, 2014
Location and mailing address of the Registrar
st. Stromynka, 18, bldg. 5B, room IX, Moscow, 107076
Registrar's license information
License dated 03.12.2002 No. 045-13976-000001 to carry out activities for maintaining the register of securities holders, issued by the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia, for an unlimited period of validity
Registrar's phone
+7 (495) 780-73-63
Registrar's Fax
+7 (495) 780-73-67
Registrar’s website
OGRN of the Registrar
TIN of the Registrar
Registrar's Reason for Registration Code (KPP)