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The mission of DOM.RF is to make modern comfortable housing more affordable while reshaping the urban environment. We work with reliable partners to implement various housing initiatives and provide guidance on mortgage, housing market and quality living environment.

Spheres of operation
DOM.RF (previously AHML) was founded in 1997. It is wholly owned by the Russian government through the Federal Agency for State Property Management. In 2015, DOM.RF was transformed into an Integrated Housing Development Institution with a focus on five domains.
The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities and DOM.RF foster the development of the mortgage market under the Mortgage and Rental Housing priority project, which aims to improve housing conditions across Russia. To that end, we work on boosting the housing supply rate, looking to bring it to 100 million m2 in 2020. We encourage housing demand via the MBS Factory, as well as by lowering interest rates and introducing better mortgage terms.
DOM.RF in the mortgage market
20 years of experience
Market development: introducing digital mortgage deeds, moving mortgages online, and setting lending standards in Russia.
The Company is wholly owned by the Russian government through the Federal Agency for State Property Management
Partners from 60 Russian regions issue DOM.RF mortgage loans
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MBS market development
An innovative mechanism of issuing mortgage-backed securities based on the analysis of the general mortgage market developments, as well as of the mortgage asset securitisation market.
Rental housing
In accordance with the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, we promote contemporary standards of a mature rental housing market: official rental agreements, apartments with modern finishes, furniture and appliances, concierge service, online payment via resident’s personal account, abolition of the property tax for rental housing and apartments.
The DOM.RF rental housing stock is managed under the Kutuzovskiy closed-end real estate investment fund (CEF). The fund aims to develop a mature rental housing market in Russia and create a new financial product.
Designed to attract investments in rental housing, it is the first CEF in Russia with a portfolio composed of residential real estate. The fund offers investors quarterly earnings from rental housing and long-term growth of the investment unit value thanks to effective portfolio management and the growing property value, which afford an inflation hedge.
Properties under the “Rental Housing” programme
Housing complexes with well-developed infrastructure near the city centre featuring a large selection of affordable apartments with quality finishes and furniture.
Land plots
DOM.RF brings idle land plots owned by the federal government into development in line with the Federal Law No. 161-FZ.
These plots are given to regions, municipalities and companies for comprehensive development, building-up of the necessary infrastructure, and construction projects.
DOM.RF acts as an agent in respect of land plots in 75 Russian regions. The target until 2020 is to involve federal land in housing construction, which will span a total area of 13,500 ha in cities populated by at least 250 thousand people. The development potential stands at over 65 million m2 of housing.
Living environment
Under the President's instruction, we work to improve the urban environment. The 1,112 cities and towns in Russia are home to most of the country’s population. The goal is to create favourable conditions for a new economy and comfortable living so that people could stay and build their future.
When assessing the urban environment quality, we take into account climate zones and the population size. Upon identifying the main urban development problems, we propose a plan of specific actions to regional and municipal authorities.
ВIn cooperation with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), we launched an educational programme on urban project management for municipal officials that aims to provide practical knowledge to a new generation of urban environment professionals.
Russian and global architects are changing the face of cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. These architecture firms worked on the reconstruction of Times Square, Holland Green, and Tverskaya Street.
ВAll of the initiatives aim to achieve quick transformations. People need to see that the quality of life is improving and that it is happening now.
Developing robust standards of urban development for various city types is one of our priorities. We need to create a design code for every city with a set of parameters and features to make that urban area comfortable.
At the Urban Development and Improvement of the Urban Environment Quality forum, 2016. Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister
The DOM.RF Research Centre performs continuous analysis of the housing and mortgage markets. The centre’s expertise enables it to grasp the holistic picture of market developments and generate reliable forecasts. We track key market indicators and player activity, and we make preliminary mortgage market estimates three weeks before the official statistics. Our forecasts deviate from the actual data by no more than 3%.