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Project finance for housing construction

The source of servicing debt obligations is the cash flows generated by the project. The specificity of this type of investment is that the assessment of costs and incomes is carried out, taking into account the distribution of risk between the project participants.

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Developers Performance Standards

DOM.RF has been developed following clause 8 of the Action Plan for replacing citizens' funds with bank lending.

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Recommendations for interaction between banks and developers

The purpose of the document is to ensure an effective transition to project financing.

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How project finance works

The funds of the participants of the shared construction, deposited in the escrow accounts, will be used to fund the credit line.


1. Opening an account

Shareholders open an escrow account in a bank


2. Transfer of funds

The equity holders' funds are transferred to escrow accounts and used to fund the loan


3. Fixing by the bank

The bank finances the costs according to the agreed project budget minus its funds


4. Re-reading

Transfer of funds from escrow accounts to the developer after commissioning

Illustrative example

Weighted average rate depending on the amount on escrow accounts (in % of the loan)


Base rate 10% - on the part of the loan over the number of funds for escrow

Special rate of 4% - on the part of the loan within the escrow funds

Additional rate reduction if the escrow amount exceeds the selected loan

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