Analytical Centre of Unified Development Institution in the Housing Sector performs comprehensive study of the mortgage lending and housing markets. We monitor the dynamics of key indicators, activities of main participants and forecast the development of the Russian market in the medium term.

        To get a snap-shot of the mortgage lending and housing markets in the Russian Federation, to understand drivers and patterns of market development, as well competitive landscape in the mortgage segment and prospects of the market, you can refer to our quarterly research reports.

        If you want to catch-up with the recent events in the housing and mortgage lending market, find out how the terms of loans provided by the largest mortgage lenders have changed in the last month, read our quarterly reviews and analysis of the competitive environment.

        See the dynamics of change in the housing and mortgage lending market figures in the Statistics section.

        Reports on the state of the mortgage securities market are available in the Mortgage-backed securities section.

        You can access researches on the development prospects of the rental market in the Rental housing section.

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