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        According to the Bank of Russia, 180.7 thousand loans were issued in January–February 2018 for a total of RUB 347.3 bn (up 85% and 98% in volume and value terms, respectively). In February, the amount was in line with DOM.RF’s and Frank RG’s estimates (RUB 200 bn). (up 15% vs 2014)

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        MBS AHML
        From originator's balance sheet
        MBS via SPV
        MBS Factory

        As at 28 February 2018, the aggregate value of outstanding housing mortgage-backed securities was RUB 352.1 bn, with the MBS Factory programme accounting for 29%.

        Mortgage portfolio securitisation agreements signed with the largest state-owned banks under the programme amounted to a total of RUB 400 bn.

        primary market
        secondary market

        • In March 2018, weighted average lender interest rates reached 9.3%.
        • The weighted average rate under refinancing programmes was close to the one in the primary mortgage market – 9.4%.

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        Institutional rental market potential

        • Currently the rental market is “shady”. Rental housing stock is comprised of private apartments.
        • According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre surveys, 6.9 million families in Russia are ready to rent a housing unit, with 70% considering rent as a long-term solution.

        Electronic mortgage

        The new electronic mortgage format benefits borrowers: it reduces costs and transaction time.


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        06 February
        Official data on the mortgage market trends in December 2017 (Bank of Russia)
        08 February
        Preliminary estimates of the mortgage market trends in January 2018 (AHML)
        28 February
        Official data on the mortgage market trends in January 2018 (Bank of Russia)
        08 March
        Preliminary estimates of the mortgage market trends in February 2018 (AHML)

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