Company Profile

        Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation

        The main objective of the Unified Development Institute in the Housing Sphere is to provide Russian citizens with affordable and comfortable housing.

        To achieve this we:

        • Developing the secondary mortgage market

          Mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by DOM.RF (MBS Factory) is an innovative tool to boost mortgage market financing and bring the rates down.

        • Fostering the growth of the rental housing market

          DOM.RF contributes to the build-up of a quality rental housing stock and its development with the use of collective investments.

        • Bringing land plots into development

          DOM.RF prepares land plots owned by the federal government for sale and lease through auctions to be further used in housing construction with due regard to developer requirements and regional profiles.
          Land plots are allocated gratis to regions to support hoodwinked investors and multi-child families. We also provide land plots to building and housing cooperatives supported by the government to promote housing with a significant discount to the market price.

        • Transforming Rossiysky Capital into a universal mortgage lending and construction financing bank

          The bank will be used to create a digital platform; new offices will become single points of contact for clients looking to select, acquire, register and arrange for maintenance of their housing, with a streamlined operating model in place.

        • Supporting the mortgage market

          DOM.RF fosters the development of mortgage lending at the government level. We partner with only reliable credit institutions, guaranteeing security for both developers and borrowers.

        • Creating a comfortable urban environment

          DOM.RF establishes new urban environment standards by streamlining urban improvement and development to factor in social and economic considerations, regional profiles and current requirements for the transport, engineering and social infrastructure.


        By 2020, main result of our activities will be an increase of affordable housing by 40% and an increase of the share of newly issued MBS with DOM.RF participation up to 45% of the total volume.

        Important Information

        DOM.RF Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation implements the state housing policy, including through cooperation with reliable and trustworthy partners on the basis of contractual relations. Partners are companies independent from DOM.RF and they obey their supervision bodies and founders. DOM.RF has no branches, representative offices, other offices and subsidiaries in the regions of the country, 100% of the Agency shares are owned by the state.

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